Tony - Foster or Foster to Adopt Needed

Tony - Foster or Foster to Adopt Needed
Tony - Foster or Foster to Adopt Needed

Tony - Foster or Foster to Adopt Needed

If you are interested in any of the dogs available at New Leash Rescue, you can reach out to the foster listed below for more information and then complete an adoption application which can be found at Please email the completed application to

Tony is a four year old lab mix who came to us heartworm positive. He is being treated for heartworms and is looking for a foster to adopt situation while he is finishing his treatment. Before his foster home, this boy hasn't had a home in over fourteen montha, and he's so ready to find his forever spot.

There are no concerns with heartworm treatment, aside from it's important that Tony stay on heartworm preventative every month for the rest of his life. He weighs 55 pounds, so for his size, that would roughly cost $7-8 per month, and it's a good general dewormer too.

Tony is a sweet boy - he is great with people. He can be a little picky about his doggie friends at times. He spent a good amount of time in a shelter. He's a good energy and likes to run (although this needs to be minimized through his heartworm treatment).

Tony is neutered, current on vaccinations, and had his initial 4dx testing. He is microchipped, dewormed, and on preventatives. He's a great boy!

Adoption fee is $300.00 + tax (no checks)

Foster to contact Kim B - or (507) 351-6647

This dog will not be at an adoption event so contact the foster to learn more.

Our fosters do the best they can to provide all information about the animal's background and temperament while in foster care in their home. An adopters routine and home environment is likely going to be different than that in their foster home. Sometimes there is more that comes out about a dog's personality once they have been able to settle in a home and truly become comfortable.

There are great articles out there written about the different stages a pet goes through after adoption, discussing transitions that happen at 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months. We highly recommend reading about this - it will help you understand the transition your new pet goes through.

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