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Chula is estimated to be 8-10 years old and was surrendered to a local impound after her owner could no longer care for her.

Chula came to us with some pretty bad teeth and she also has a heart murmur. We did a full work up on her heart including an ultrasound to make sure that it was safe for her to go under anesthesia for her dental. She has heart disease, but is currently not needing any medication. She could need to be put on medication in the future.

Chula gets around her foster home great- she is a spry senior and has no problem jumping up on the couch so she can get some more attention. Chula has been on a diet since she arrived in rescue and has already lost 2 pounds. She appeared to be used to eating human food, but her foster mom has been successful in transitioning her to kibble.

Chula has a great personality and seems to love everyone. Due to her age, we would recommend older kids who aren't quite so loud and energetic. Chula has done well with the kids she's met so far, but likely has not lived with young kids consistently in her previous home.

Adoption fee is $275.00 + tax (no checks)

Foster to contact: Sara - 651-260-3774 or

Please contact the foster and find out if Chula will be attending an upcoming adoption event.

Our fosters do the best they can to provide all information about the animal's background and temperament while in foster care in their home. An adopters routine and home environment is likely going to be different than that in their foster home.

Sometimes there is more that comes out about a dog's personality once they have been able to settle in a home and truly become comfortable. There are great articles out there written about the different stages a pet goes through after adoption, discussing transitions that happen at 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months. We highly recommend reading about this - it will help you understand the transition your new pet goes through.

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