Labrador Retriever Shepherd

If you are interested in any of the dogs available at New Leash Rescue, you can reach out to the foster listed below for more information and then complete an adoption application which can be found at Please email the completed application to

Meet Beau!

Beau is around 10 months to a year old and we were asked to help him, because this sweet, beautiful boy has spent almost his entire life living in a shelter. His entire life, not knowing the comforts of a home and knowing the love and companionship that it can bring. We are committed to helping Beau find that - he is a great boy!!!

Beau is around 55 pounds currently and based off appearance, he is estimated to be a lab/shepherd mix. He can be a little shy at first with new situations, but this boy is just learning what life is like outside of the shelter walls. He needs an understanding family who will understand his story and give him some time and patience to adjust to his new life (which he is sure to love.)

Beau is good with other dogs. In fact, they help him to see that something new doesn't have to be so scary, and they help to give him a little confidence. Beau's best fit home would have another confident dog that will help show him the ropes. Beau is recommended for kids at 7 and up, due to his size he could knock little ones over. At this time, Beau has had limited exposure to cats. Beau is working on a house training refresher currently in his foster home and doing pretty good (all dogs need a refresher each time they move to a new place with a new routine. )

Adoption fee is $350 + tax (no checks)

Foster to contact: Jeff at Camp Bowwow - 651-230-8243 or Diana -

Beau will not be attending an adoption event, so please contact his foster to learn more about him.

Our fosters do the best they can to provide all information about the animal's background and temperament while in foster care in their home. An adopters routine and home environment is likely going to be different than that in their foster home.

Sometimes there is more that comes out about a dog's personality once they have been able to settle in a home and truly become comfortable. There are great articles out there written about the different stages a pet goes through after adoption, discussing transitions that happen at 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months. We highly recommend reading about this - it will help you understand the transition your new pet goes through.

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